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Reopen-A Good Start of A New Journey!

Number of visits:38 Date:2021-02-24 11:25

February 22, 2021, coincides with the 11th day of the first month of the Year of the Ox, it’s also the day we reopen.

The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet dissipated, and a new journey has begun. On the first day of work, as soon as we stepped into the office, we exchanged Chinese New Year greetings to each other, and at the same time everyone received the lucky money. It was like an atmosphere of family members returning home for New Year.

Subsequently, we organized a groundbreaking reopen ceremony. The main leaders of our Shenzhen and Huizhou factories also came to join us. President Lei and Vice President Wong, as well as the Director Guan and R&D Manager Chen, Production Manager Wang of Shenzhen factory and Director Chen of our Huizhou factory successively sent out New Year greetings and gave lucky money to everyone. Everyone has gained a lot, and can put out a "red envelope fan".

Afterwards, President Lei gave a speech of reopen, shared the warmth of the colleagues gatherings, shared the moving moment of colleagues who took the initiative to clean the office during the holiday, and colleagues also kept working during the holiday to communicate with customers. His sharing is touching and makes everyone feel admired and moved. RayTalk team always stay positive, care about the company, and provide good service to customers.

In the new year of 2021, let us create a more splendid and brilliant year with a fuller mental state, a more positive working attitude and a more rigorous work style! Wish you all a happy New Year of the Ox!